Time recording

Legalsense makes time recording personal

Time recording is not the greatest occupation for most lawyers, but it’s crucial to the success of your office. A professional time recording system that flexes to the needs of the user is a must. Legalsense makes time recording a flexible, faster and easier task as it respects personal preferences. As a result, time is more accurately captured, with greater detail. An advantage for your office, a big plus for your client.

Write time in your way

Legalsense simplifies the process of timekeeping. Personal preferences are an important factor, that’s why time can be entered in several ways – including timers – and posted to the right file.

Register time while on the move

Speed and simplicity contribute to an efficient use of a time recording system. Quickly search for previously written rules time and run everywhere and always spent time with the iPhone app.


Understanding your productivity

With all time linked to files and Legalsense always displaying recent time worked, you can keep track of your personal productivity.


Setting fixed-fee and budgets

More and more law firms now work with alternative pricing such as fixed fees, or working on an hourly basis with a certain maximum. Monitoring all time and keeping a clear check of what has or hasn’t been captured therefore assumes great importance. Legalsense ensures that costs are never exceeded unexpectedly.

“Time recording is not a hobby, so it should be made as easy as possible. In addition, it is also important that all essential financial information can be easily extracted from the system. We heard positive stories about Legalsense and were particularly drawn to its ease of use. ”

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Jerome Tijssen Finance Manager

Finance Manager, Taxand

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