With Legalsense you know exactly what’s going on

Legalsense provides clear reports and dashboards based on relevant criteria. They give ‘at a glance’ views of the data you need, to give you, your team and your business the information and insights you all need to drive success. With Legalsense you know exactly what’s going on.

Do it yourself

Create reports based on your criteria. Simply select your chosen data sets and create a professional report instantly, on anything from time recording performance to matter analysis to client financials.

Make it personal

Legalsense ensures that data is personally tailored to the individual. Using a dashboard helps focus you on those things that matter to you. Or create performance reports to measure personal growth of your employees against goals such as sales and hours.

Business Intelligence

Make sure the right people have the right information at the right time. With Legalsense, you can make informed decisions with clear reports and analyses.

“All the data is very easy to see and there is a lot of data in the form of reports available (eg. Data per fee earner, per sector, per client, per matter, etc.). Also playing a role in the choice of Legalsense was the attractive price.”
Jessica Niezen

Partner, Ovidius Law

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