Van Campen Liem
Menno van der Klein


Boundary-breaking software for Van Campen Liem

‘When we crossed national borders, we needed software to help facilitate our move.’

The Amsterdam-native Van Campen Liem law firm has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past eight years. The firm quickly grew from 30 to 100 employees and opened a location in Luxembourg. In response to this (international) growth ambition, Menno needed new practice management software. The firm opted for Legalsense. ‘We can now generate invoices and reports in all languages.’

Intuitive click-through
Van Campen Liem carefully considered three possible alternatives, including Legalsense. The Luxembourg location employs people from all over the world, with communication taking place in Dutch, French and English. The existing package did not include any other language options. Menno: ‘In itself, it is not a problem when it comes to just registering hours or a simple report. But administrative, invoicing and reporting requirements became more extensive, and the need for multiple language versions grew. I spent too much time manually extracting data from the system and processing it into more complex reports.’ The other two systems were ‘too unwieldy’ according to Menno. Legalsense convinced the firm with its design, ease of use and cloud-based functionality. The simple and intuitive ‘click-through’ of data was also decisive. ‘What I mean by that,’ explains Menno, ‘is that if you want to go in-depth, you can click on all the data. I use the basic and detailed data for individual and management reports, annual accounts and, for example, cost analyses. While other users, who generally only require the basic information, are not bothered with the extra bells and whistles.’

The switch from the existing system to Legalsense was an adventure if we go by Menno’s recounting. ‘Not for the users, though. They were unable to register time on Friday in the old system, but Legalsense was there for them by Monday.’
It was mainly the migration of the administration that presented some challenge. That was mainly due to the specific wishes of the firm. Van Campen Liem has a unique way of handling the administration. For example, invoicing needs to be possible in different languages, and the administration of the two locations needs to be linked. On the other hand, it should also be easy to split the various administrations—for analyses and reporting purposes.

‘The split in the administration of the two locations makes it a little more complex. We also have very specific wishes regarding the display and the data processing method. As a result, we occasionally encountered some challenges during the implementation and migration phases. Fortunately, Legalsense and RSULT were constantly on top of things. Any issue would immediately get fixed. Both parties aim to solve everything as quickly as possible. If something goes wrong, no problem—as long as you solve it. And they certainly do!’

Users are happy

The users are all very satisfied as well. ‘I am currently in the middle of a ‘feedback round’. The responses so far state that Legalsense is extremely user-friendly. Billable time and client data are easy to enter. I am also making a list of all the future wishes and needs of the users. This is how I am going to work with Legalsense to see how we can further facilitate the users in their work. Personally, I find it very interesting to dive into the reporting possibilities. I can easily generate reports for employees and management. This can include overviews per section, certain turnover data or outstanding items, for example. But there are many more possibilities. Exploring those possibilities makes me really excited.’

Document management as the next step
The next step for Van Campen Liem is the introduction of a document management system. ‘We have been meaning to do this for years. Fortunately, we have laid a stable foundation with Legalsense. The introduction of a document management system has been taken into account in the design of our file administration. This allows for a quick implementation. A nice milestone marker for 2021.’