René Maat – partner


Software needs to innovate

‘Our motivation to roll out Legalsense?’ is how René kicks off the interview. ‘The ability to generate clear management reports quickly, without an accountant having to spend two days digging through Excel.’ The firm also switched entirely to a cloud-based environment. RechtStaete was looking for a package that could seamlessly fit in, without additional costs. A conversation between Gaby and René about innovation, working in the cloud and gaining insight into truly valuable data.

Innovative power
RechtStaete recently implemented a new document management system. The next step was to take a closer look at office software for administration. Stories in the market had made RechtStaete already aware of Legalsense. Not only did it have a good reputation, but its operation was also considered excellent by other firms. René: ‘We got in touch with Legalsense and looked no further. The system is incredibly intuitive. Moreover, Legalsense is known for its innovative power: two strong grounds for us to join forces with Legalsense.’
Gaby: ‘Development is indeed very important to us. We are constantly looking for ways to make the software as user-friendly as possible. We automatically roll out an update every month. This takes place behind the scenes and is included in the licence fee.’

The Legalsense team gets together each week to discuss all the incoming customer requests. The team examines whether the wishes are possible in a technical sense and how much development time is needed. Would it be interesting for more firms? If the answer is yes, it will be put on the roadmap. Gaby: ‘Is a request not feasible? Then we give the relevant firm a straightforward answer. The speed and meticulousness of this process still surprise me every day.’

‘It is precisely the financial administration, accounting, that can benefit greatly from good automation.’

René seizes the opportunity to immediately raise a development question during the interview, namely the adding of debtors; in other words, an expansion of the functionalities in debtor management. Gaby reports that this request is already on the roadmap and will be included in one of the next releases.’ René is visibly happy and says: ‘Innovation is important to us. The world is changing and we want software that changes along with it. It is precisely the financial administration, accounting, that can benefit greatly from good automation.’

Management reporting
Using Legalsense has given RechtStaete a clear picture of important data. Registered and billable hours, advances and debtors: the firm has real-time insight into all relevant data. ‘We can generate general and individual reports. This enables us to make well-founded decisions and set the right course.’ The reporting options will be expanded in the future with an external Business Intelligence (BI) tool. This means that the output of all the data available to the firm will be translated into a single dashboard.

Gaby: ‘The data from Legalsense and Twinfield will be smoothly migrated to this BI tool. The combination with data from other applications will provide the firm with a comprehensive insight into its entire business operations through a single tool.’

‘We did a migration project seven years ago. We were down for a month at the time.’

Online setup
The implementation took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was done online, without any issues. This was partly thanks to the fact that the firm was already accustomed to online meetings. The migration of the data from the old system to Legalsense was also handled entirely remotely. ‘We did a migration project seven years ago. We were down for a month at the time. This migration went virtually without a hitch.’

Only the workshop ‘Billing’ was provided on location on request. René: ‘The programme is so user-friendly. It is easy to familiarise the user with it via online workshops. We can also go back to the training sessions at any time. The webinars organised by Legalsense are of great added value to me. You can learn all the ins and outs in specific subareas, such as reporting or billing.’ Gaby: ‘We try to make these webinars as personal as possible for participants. Participants submit topics and questions beforehand so we can address them.’

Asking for feedback
René: ‘What strikes me is that the entire Legalsense team does not shy away from feedback, even critical feedback. During the rollout, I was regularly called by Gaby or commercial director Johan to see how things were going and whether I had any feedback. If I had any comments, they were immediately followed up. I was apprehensive here at the firm about letting go of the administration. Thanks to Legalsense, I am now able to do that. That says enough about my level of trust in Legalsense.’