Florence Dusart – COO

‘Legalsense was not deterred by our specific wishes’

The Belgian niche firm Quinz has certain clients with specific requirements for the invoicing process. Part of the reason why Quinz went in search of software was precisely to help them meet their clients’ needs. ‘Legalsense was clearly most capable of adapting the software to our needs. Our billing process now runs smoothly in a user-friendly and customer-friendly manner.’

One main system
Quinz specialises in four areas of law and occasionally has to resort to a different way of billing expenses for certain clients. Until the beginning of this year, the firm worked with a variety of administration and billing tools. This had to change. The firm was looking for one main system: a place where all financial administration—and its processing—had to take place. More than one provider was carefully assessed, but only one party remained in the end: Legalsense. ‘Legalsense seamlessly links up with Basecone and Exact Online, which makes everything come full circle for us.’

‘Legalsense has managed to adapt the software to the needs of our clients.’

Flexible to adapt
Florence: ‘Legalsense has the great advantage of being adaptable. We had to make do with the package other parties presented us with. We could tweak the application a bit, but customisation was not possible. Legalsense adapted the software for us to such an extent that we can now bill and report per practice area, as clients expect from us. Not only does this benefit the user-friendliness, but also the customer-friendliness. Legalsense has managed to adapt the software to the needs of our clients.’ Laughing, Florence adds: ‘And to the needs of the Belgian market.’

Florence refers to the fact that, for Legalsense, Quinz is one of the first Belgian customers of this size. ‘Our terminology is slightly different in some respects than in the Netherlands. We also wanted to bill in three languages: Dutch, French and English. Legalsense adapted the software left and right to the Belgian market and created good support for multiple languages and multiple billing templates.’

A gamble
According to Florence, picking a party that was relatively new to the Belgian market was a gamble. There were no other relevant firms in the country for Quinz to go on. ‘Despite that, our faith in the Legalsense team and the software was the deciding factor.’

For Florence, Legalsense is characterised by a personal approach of a team that consists of the same people at every stage. ‘Legalsense has a proactive helpdesk, and you have the feeling that you know the people well. That was definitely beneficial during the implementation.’ The rollout took place during Belgium’s full lockdown. Florence believes it to be a very unusual situation that went exceptionally well.

‘Even the rate schedules were migrated from the existing system, using an algorithm written by Legalsense.’

Approachable team
‘Both the migration of their former system to Legalsense and the remote training went smoothly. Even the rate schedules were migrated from the existing system, using an algorithm written by Legalsense. We are also kept constantly posted on updates and opportunities for additional training in the form of live webinars. The entire team remains approachable, which we appreciate. The next step is to optimise the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tool at Legalsense. This will bring us even closer to a streamlined working method.’