Maes Law B.V.
Elke Lenting – Director


A deliberate switch to Legalsense

‘We are in the process of setting up a new branch. Our balance is sound, which allows us to focus on the future.’ Our talk with Elke covers a single central hub for files, administration and clients. ‘Working with software that is always thinking one step ahead gives you a sense of calm in your operational management. It allows you to do business with an ease of mind.’

From inflexible to smart
Maes Law, based in Breda and soon to be found in Rotterdam as well, used an all-in-one package for its client and financial administration until last year. ‘Our current system was inflexible. It required changes to make it really work for us. For example, we still had to manually and separately put all e-mails in a file. I felt there had to be a smarter way and started looking for something else.’

‘It takes just a few minutes to create an entire file, including all the folders on the network.’

Ready in five minutes
Elke looks for an innovation factor in everything she does to enable a modern way of working. As she puts it, she wants to click on A, after which B and C automatically follow. In this day and age, Elke expects software to work with you and always be one step ahead. Following a tip from her system manager, Elke took a look at a fellow firm. This firm used a combined total solution from different suppliers: Legalsense, DMSforlegal and Twinfield. Elke was able to see in practice—rather than through demos—that this was a golden blend. Unlike how many actions were previously required to create files, Elke is now ready in five minutes. ‘It takes just a few minutes to create an entire file, including all the folders on the network.’

The decision was quickly made for Elke. ‘I did not do a price and functionality comparison. I knew very clearly what we did and did not want, and Legalsense offered us that. I had no desire to spend any more energy trying to find out what else was on the market. We are aware of our value creation and focus on it. We outsource ICT and innovation to other specialised parties, such as our IT partner and now Legalsense.’

The most impressive feature for Elke is the adding of clients. According to her, the process of entering information is easy for anyone to understand. It used to be the administration’s job to create a file because of the level of difficulty. Legalsense makes it easy for the support staff to create a file themselves. ‘A step that I was very happy to eliminate from the process. You simply follow the fields and, once everything has been entered, you will have your file. The invoicing process is also easy and completely digital. We create a concept with a single click, after which we can choose from infinite possibilities. This can be another language or the option to include VAT. The system can be used by anyone, with or without a financial background.’

Contributing ideas
The main strength of Legalsense can be found in its simplicity and communication, according to Elke. ‘There is a lot of tech happening in the back-end, but it does not hinder you at all at the front-end.’ As soon as Elke informs Legalsense of something she would like to see in a certain way, the Legalsense team immediately contributes ideas. There are also regular refresher moments focusing on all the tips and tricks. ‘It is a fantastic system, and I really appreciate the communication between all parties.’