An ideal working environment. That is the power of collaboration.

Legalsense is an expert in practice management. Outside those areas Legalsense delivers an integrated solution in collaboration with other online specialists such as: Twinfield, NetDocuments, DMSforLegal Epona, Epona Contact Manager, Custodian for Legal (Transform Data), Contentworker by Formpipe and iManage Work (site).

Best of Breed

Legalsense focuses on what it is good at, like many other SaaS providers. There is a full range of online packages out there for a specific business: CRM, document management, records management, accounting, e-mail, time recording. Legalsense takes your choices and integrates them with its own practice management system to offer up a total customised solution.

The best of all worlds

Firms are increasingly looking to SaaS providers to combine the best of all worlds and that’s why Legalsense takes the lead with all integration work to deliver just that.

Document management

Complete digital file management is becoming more and more commonplace within the legal profession. Legalsense works with various vendors in the document management and document creation space. Data is exchanged in Legalsense so there is no need for double entry.

Customer Relationship Management

Client relationships are increasingly important and those looking to optimise their communications and interactions with their customers are opting for dedicated CRM packages. Legalsense enables seamless data exchange between systems, allowing you to know your customer in detail.


Financial administration

Twinfield is the clear leader in online accounting software in the Netherlands. Data between the two systems is automatically exchanged in the background, combining to deliver a powerful practice management and financial management solution. Legalsense can provide you more information on integrating with other accounting software on request.

“We have chosen a number of best-of-breed software packages that each excel in their own area. The choice of Legalsense was relatively simple: there was no other package that could bring together such a wide range of functions and applications in the same way. ”

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Bart Snoek

Facility Manager, TeekensKarstens

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