Legalsense puts your client at the centre

Client data, invoices, time recording, and reporting functions; you have everything in real time on hand, whether in the office, at home or on the road. Legalsense ensures that all critical information is securely and quickly available, even from your tablet or smartphone. Legalsense is always with you to help effectively manage your business.

Legalsense delivers the client core

All crucial information for each client and file is accessible with a single mouse click. Posted time, invoices, payments, fee schedule and budget status, all relevant data that’s readily available in real-time – for your office and your client.

Developed for legal practice

Legalsense specifically supports the legal process: it has an input capability for the purpose of identification (Wwft) of a client, conflict checking, processing of files based on the Recofa guidelines, adding business or bankruptcies.

Avoid duplication

For modern file management is the process stripped of unnecessary ballast. Expected default data have already been entered, various fields are marked down lists and only relevant parts are shown. The same options are already filled in, back to the case level and creating invoices.


Anywhere access

Wherever you are, you can always access and manage your files. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. Optimal security and quick access are paramount.


“As criminal lawyers, we often need to change tack and head off quickly. The ease of logging in anywhere and consulting on an iPad, for example, court or prison records or record transactions is for us just ideal. The supervision and delivery from Legalsense went smoothly and their open, no-nonsense attitude appealed to us.”

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John van Halderen

Partner, Van Halderen Advocaten

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