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Legalsense works tirelessly to achieve the right results. We can only claim success when customers are completely, 100% satisfied. We really do go further to succeed. But don’t just take our word for it, please feel free to speak to our customers. They’re happy to share their views on why they like working with the Legalsense software and the Legalsense team.

User experience Ovidius Law

Ovidius Law is a Dutch boutique law firm specialising in employment law, contract law and corporate law. It currently employs four lawyers, three lawyers, an office manager and a facilities employee.

Jessica Niezen, partner of the firm, explains the choice of Legalsense:

” In my search I came across many common timekeeping applications but after a few trial subscriptions I realised that it was essential for the software to be tailored to the legal profession. After looking at several legal-specific packages I chose Legalsense made. The screens are uncluttered and intuitive. It is also very easy to use. The data is very easy to see and there’s a wealth of information available in the form of reports. (eg. Data per fee earner, per sector, per client, per dossier etc.) The attractive price also played a role, of course. We’re trying to digitize as much as possible so that we can work flexibly and quickly; and it’s the client that is reaping the benefits. For the modern law firm Legalsense is an extremely handy tool. ”

Jessica Niezen

Partner, Ovidius Law

User Experience Bavelaar Lawyers

Bavelaar Lawyers is an international law firm specialising in corporate law, real estate law, commercial law, intellectual property law and litigation. The strength of the firm lies in its combination of experience, quality service and practical advice.

Paul Bavelaar, partner and founder, explains the choice of Legalsense:

“During the growth of our firm, we ran into some limitations in terms of billing and timekeeping. That gave us time to look for a modern solution for practice management, based on some core values. The system had to be simple, and online applications had to be available, offering a timekeeping module aimed at the legal profession, and the ability to automate and simplify our invoice process. In addition, it was a conscious decision not to go looking for an all-in-one package, but to choose a specialised company with a focus on practice management. We searched for and found Legalsense. After a trial period and references we have now gone live and it’s fantastic. We can now record time from anywhere, accurately and comprehensively, and it’s so easy to do it’s actually saving us more time. It’s practical software that makes our lives a lot easier. ”

Paul Bavelaar

Partner, Bavelaar Advocaten

User experience TeekensKarstens

TeekensKarstens, known as TK, has a sector-based approach, is committed to a professional support staff and wants to position itself nationally as a strong mid-market player.

Bart Snoek, Facility Manager explains the choice of, and experience with, Legalsense:

“The selection of new software was preceded by an intensive due diligence phase, and we soon realised that we had basically outgrown our all-in-one package. So we opted for a number of best-of-breed software packages that could be brought together, while also identifying a partner with whom we could work to deliver both the core practice management element and the necessary integrations. Ease of use and range of functionality also played an important role in the selection process. The choice of Legalsense was relatively simple: there was no other package or supplier that could bring together such a wide range of functions in so user-friendly a manner. Besides Legalsense we also selected Epona Contact Manager (CRM), NetDocuments (DMS), Legal Word (document creation) and Twinfield (FMS). ”

Bart Snoek

Facility Manager, TeekensKarstens

User Experience Fender Lawyers

Fender Lawyers is a no-nonsense law firm in Eindhoven, specialising in corporate law. Specialisation ensures that Fender Lawyers can give quality advice, serving diverse customers and continuously expanding its expertise. The firm embraces ICT in its operations, with technology key to maximising accessibility, transparency and efficiency. After an extensive selection process Fender chose Lawyers Legalsense in conjunction with NetDocuments (document management) and Twinfield (online accounting).

Erwin van Nijnatten, partner, explains the choice:

“We have chosen Legalsense in conjunction with NetDocuments and Twinfield. Modern technological solutions are a priority in our business. We have opted as much as possible for software in the cloud, via the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model.

What particularly appealed to us in Legalsense and the other products is the ease of use and intuitive layout. We could use it straightaway and did not need any training, for example, to draft a bill. We have moved over completely to digital files and can intuitively access and work on them via Outlook and Word. Our expectations have been greatly exceeded.
Legalsense is a logical, good-looking application. The support too we are very pleased with – it’s responsive and personal. We’ve had a great start with Legalsense, going live with a fantastic package with virtually no problems.”

Erwin van Nijnatten

Partner, Fender advocaten

User Experience Maverick Lawyers

Maverick Lawyers N.V. ( “Maverick”) is the first full-service competition law office in the Netherlands. Together with nearly 40 years of top flight experience Maverick has all the knowledge and skills to best serve their clients in the field of competition law, economic regulation and consumer protection.

Maverick explains the choice for Legalsense:

“At the start of Maverick we were looking for an easy to use package that still offered us everything we needed. We didn’t want any unnecessary bells and whistles that would just complicate things. We looked at several packages and finally selected Legalsense: it is very user-friendly and we’ve been delighted by the service we’ve received. “

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