Calculation program for severance payments

Legalsense offers the most comprehensive calculation program for severance payments, including the transition allowance

Benefits for your practice

Complete and detailed calculation

The full calculation is clearly set out: You can check it and explain it to clients or colleagues.

Easily switch between different formulas

All current versions of the subdistrict court formula and severance calculations are supported. Others use formula? One click and you see the result.

Multiple employees and multiple affairs
Keep your files easily online; every file has a complete picture of all the information – especially useful in larger reorganisations.

For whom?

For individuals and self-employed

  • Only for individuals and self-employed.
  • Is valid for one year.
  • Now temporarily only 49 euros.

For companies and organizations

  • Up to 10 users.
  • Is valid for one year.
  • Now only 245 euros.
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