Accounting is a profession, collaboration an art

Accounting is a profession and specific software for this purpose is an indispensable tool. Legalsense recognises the importance of the personal preferences of accountants for professional software. That’s why Legalsense provides standard interfaces with the main players – ensuring that the needs of lawyers and financial staff are taken care of equally, and that they can co-operate easily and effectively.

Twinfield en Legalsense; a winning combination

Twinfield is the clear leader in online accounting software in the Netherlands. Data between the two systems is automatically exchanged in the background, combining to deliver a powerful practice management and financial management solution.

Simplify your accounting

Thanks to smooth integration and cooperation with the most common accounting packages such as Twinfield and Cash, you are able to simplify your accounting. You can exchange data automatically and keep fully up to date with current financial status across your office, clients and business.

Coupling with the bank

Our Twinfield tie-up also provides a link to your bank (s) for instant electronic transactions. Payment status is also available in Legalsense so you can quickly see if clients have paid their bills.

“We have chosen Legalsense in conjunction with NetDocuments and Twinfield. Modern technological solutions are a priority in our business. We have opted as much as possible for software in the cloud, via the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model.”

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Erwin van Nijnatten

Partner, Fender advocaten

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