Legalsense serves the advocacy with simplicity

Your whole accounting process is of great importance; you would like to be paid after all. A custom designed workflow can deliver a smooth, branded, automated billing process


Even lawyers can do it

With Legalsense every user can prepare and send an invoice with minimal instruction. The system offers plenty of options for automatic formatting of invoices, but it’s just as easy to make amendments too, it’s that flexible.

Within a few minutes, a bill out of the door

Legalsense combines simplicity and speed. There are standard ways of operating but with plenty of scope to handle preferences and different demands if needed. Either way, with just a few clicks, your invoices are ready to roll.

Workflow for digital processing

Based on a pre-defined process tasks and automated actions in your billing process can be automated. You receive a message when there is an activity waiting for you. The same applies to your colleagues.

Send by email

More clients want to receive their bills by email. Legalsense lets you do this, quickly, effortlessly and with full professional branding in place.

“What particularly appealed to us in Legalsense and the other products is the ease of use and intuitive layout. We could use it straightaway and did not need any training, for example, to draft a bill. We have moved over completely to digital files and can intuitively access and work on them via Outlook and Word. Our expectations have been greatly exceeded.”

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Erwin van Nijnatten

Partner, Fender Advocaten

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