Online practice management software for legal professionals

Online practice management software for the legal professionals

Save time with simplicity

Logical thinking and doing are at the heart of Legalsense, so any legal professional can just get started – intuitively and without training. Save time and money by simplifying your work, leaving you free to focus on the successful completion of your business.

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Timekeeping anywhere, anyhow

Make time management simpler and easier. Wherever you are, on the road, in the office or at home, with Legalsense you can quickly record time spent on your matters. Whether we are working on an hourly, fixed fee or budget, with accurate timekeeping you can be sure of knowing exactly what each case is costing you.

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Always know what is going on

Wherever you are, in the office, at home or on the way to a meeting, just a few clicks will let you view a file, check an appointment, review meeting minutes, access important client information or review a sales report for a meeting. With Legalsense you can go right to the heart of the matter.

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Create your ideal world

Work the way you want it. Digital and online file management, administration, accounting and CRM, all brought together from legal software specialists into one integrated solution from the practice management specialist.

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“After looking at several legal-specific customized packages, Legalsense was an easy choice. The screens are uncluttered and intuitive. It is also very easy to use. We endeavor to digitize as much as possible so that we can work flexibly and quickly. It’s the client that is reaping the benefits. For the modern law firm Legalsense is an extremely useful tool.” Read more
Jessica Niezen

Partner, Ovidius Law

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